Klimateknika production factory located in Vaqarr, Tirana

KLIMATEKNIKA sh.p.k. It has given priority to a new production line for HVAC air ducts, by installing modern machinery produced by swiss group Spiro, one of the leading companies in this field. Machinery have been installed in a factory in a warehouse space positioned in Prush-Vaqarr, Tirana, specialized in the production and distribution of HVAC equipment and accessories. A team of 40 employees operates within the production line, which is built on an area of more than 5000 m2 where there is large space for the storage of the products. The machinery is certified according to ISO standard, and produce all types of air ducts, galvanized and polyurethane, which are widely used in HVAC applications. Our policy is well-targeted to give the customer the proper value thanks to the rapid service and delivery time. Perfect quality, speed , competitive prices, potential high production, technical skills and a wide range of products, which stimulate long-term relationships with business partners, thus promoting our product across Albania.

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