Mark5 is entirely produced in the new smart factory of Calpak that has been recognized as the most advanced in Greece in terms of robotic technology and artificial intelligence application that make possible the automatic optimization of mechanical processes.


A solar water heater must be very powerful to fully meet your hot water needs. Mark5, based on certified tests, has one of the most powerful collectors in Europe (80% efficiency and minimal thermal losses), as well as a well designed heat exchanger that ensures efficient energy transfer from the collector to the tank.


It must also be robust so that you can enjoy free solar energy for as many years as possible. Mark5 is made with the best materials, following the strictest quality standards. The tank is made of DC-03 steel according to DIN 10130, it is robotic welded with pulse tig technology and enameled according to DIN 4753/3. The collector’s frame is made of a 2.4 mm double-wall aluminum profile and has an aluminum back. The flat roof support is also made entirely out of aluminum.


Finally, it must be well designed to match your aesthetics. Mark5 is designed according to modernabstraction & ergonomics trends and has an honorary reference in the internationally recognized reddot directory.